This is the website & Blog for Paul Carpenter, I am a freelance 3d & Motion Graphics artist and Illustrator based in London, here you find examples of my work, 3d, 2d, sketches & photographs and any inspirational images I find on the web.

Monthly archive May, 2011
This should make your day.....

This should make your day…..

……well it made mine anyway…..I don’t know anything about it, just that it put an enormous smile on my face.       originally from here
Sky - Better Effect

Sky – Better Effect

Working with Neon, for Brother & Sisters, he’res a couple of ads I worked on, using C4D this time, haven’t used it before but I’m finding it quite easy to pick up the basics.


Here’s an image that just keeps cropping up in my noggin, I’ve finally got round to making it in 3d, Still not finished, but I was very pleased with these early renders
Anger Eating Demon

Anger Eating Demon

Here are a couple of renders of a character that I’ve been working on. He’s based on an old Buddhist folk tale, and one day he’ll be turned into a children’s book